Mapping Your Careers

We are a career counseling and vocational guidance startup. Our aim is to permeate scientific psychometric assessments into the decision making process of careers.


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Career Clinic

The career clinic is a program for students of grade 8th till 10th. We provide them a road map on how to choose the right career, according to their calibre, interest and of-course the job market realities.

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Career Counselling Camps

This camp is for students of 10 to 12th grade where we create Career road map according to each individuals situation, we also connect them with experts of the respective field. 

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Career Readiness Program

This program is for undergrad and graduates, it helps them to kick-start their career in job market! A students is trained with all the career kickstarters toolkit which makes them capable to get a job.

Aptitude test

These tests have a purpose of identifying a persons calibre and potential whilst predicting future skills sets and success rates.

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Our team



Founder & CEO
Miss Karishma Zaka ullah is the heart and CEO person of the operation. She brought the ideology of Unidesk onto a platform and made it into a reality. Although it started off small it unwrapped a bunch of today’s problems to such a degree that Miss Karishma without a doubt claims to say: ‘Unidesk is the need of the decade, career counseling is something that battles skill VS interest and allows blooming potential to take the crown. We live in times where the most important decision for a man and women is their ‘Career’. After all, they will be spending the rest of their life being assessed by it. So the choice has to be made through a proper channel.

Sarah Amin

Marketing & PR Head
Graduate of business administration with a Majors in Marketing. I’m one of the oldest team members of Unidesk. Over my time here, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve taken up different job roles to support Unidesk in any way I could. Currently I’m working here as a marketing and PR head. This project has me motivated towards seeing a more productive Peshawar. Previously I have been an assistant manager of an event management society, eventify. I am good with communication and interpersonal skills due to which i can perform my job well. I am also very welcoming to challenging opportunities and i have the ability to solve problems in a timely manner.
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Hassnat Jan

Content Manager
She has been working with children on different platforms and has graduated in Psychology. With her fun loving, charismatic personality (and frank writing style) She has been a great asset to the team of Unidesk. ‘It’s high time we finally acknowledge the effects of our own desires and environment. We can’t just brush our careers under the rug and have a face value smile when people ask us ‘how’s work?’ We must be happy in what we really do if we truly want to reach self actualization.

Iman Riaz Khan

Social Media Marketing Manager
I'm Iman Riaz Khan, the Social Media Marketing Manager here at Unidesk. I love creating and utilizing social media platforms like Instagram, facebook and twitter. My aim however, is for people at grass root level to grasp the idea of how important career counselling really is. Unidesk wasn’t thought into existence over night. It was the need of the decade that finally came close to becoming a reality and I want to play my part in making people of this opportunity. Although I’m currently a student of Bachelors in Business Administration, Being a part of Unidesk, I feel confident, self-motivated, and ... well simply like my life has purpose.