Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader

Being born in a Pushtoon family was never ever a hurdle in the way of my dreams and aspirations. Just like my brothers I had always been treated with all the love and care that a girl could ever dream of. I was educated in the same institutes with my brothers. Being the eldest in the family I was not much exposed to the surroundings and so like every other stereotype I also thought that the only profession that suited a girl was to become a doctor. It was back in 2013 when I was struggling to cram all the course needed to pass the medical entry test but no matter how hard would I try, I would fail one way or the other. My scores never exceeded sixty-five percent. It was all very tiring, tasteless, and a disappointing experience. In short, something was missing. Something that my subconscious was aware of but I still had to explore it. I shared it all with my father that medical was not something that I was born for; it was simply not my cup of tea. As always, he listened and understood and asked me to chase my own dreams. My endless love for literature dragged me to National University of Modern Languages. But there were worries that confined my thoughts and lured my mind. Thoughts like this reflected in my mind; would I end up being a successful person? Would I ever be able to do something big? Would I ever make my family proud by changing my decision?

During all this time of chaos and disturbance, I struggled hard to remain strong. I was in continuous toil with my own self but I had decided to chase the path that suited my inner being and who I really was. I stood by it. As soon as my journey at NUML started I was taken by surprise after the result of my first semester; I came to know that I stood second in all the nine campuses of NUML across Pakistan which was, of course, something unbelievable. I was always told that gaining a position was not a difficult task maintaining that position was the sign of real people. Since then till fifth semester I maintained the same position and in the sixth and seventh semester, I stood first in all the nine campuses. Do I thank God for not listening to the people who said that if you had to choose BS English then why did u do FSC? Take one more year and prepare well for medical. What at all would become of you? A teacher! That’s it? yes, i can proudly THANK God for making me choose the best.

What I learned in all these years is that human beings are all very different from each other. One may be good at one thing and the other at another thing. We all are sent in this world with different talents for different purposes. We all need to explore ourselves and choose the field we are good at. This is the only way to contribute something good to the society. We all work one way or the other to earn a living. Hence, it is better to choose the kind of work that we love to do. Literature has evolved me into the better person of the society. It has made me more sensitive towards the things around me. It has blessed me with a new and positive approach towards life. I can proudly say that I would love to pursue lectureship as my career. I look forward to becoming a writer. Everybody live for themselves but it is an art to spend your life in this world for the good of other people. A teacher is a person who moulds the character of his students and I think the most of competitive of all should by choice become a teacher and should pass some quality values to the future generations. Teaching is the noblest of all professions and I feel it would not only help others to become better versions of themselves rather it will help me nourish my own soul.

To those who want to choose English Literature as a field, I would like to say that it is not only teaching that you can choose as a profession. One can become an outstanding poet, author, article writer, journalist, motivational speaker, interpreter, freelancer, newscaster, anchor, BBC employ, CSS and PMS aspirant and anything you dream of related to the field of English. Everyone in this world is special in his/her own way you just need to explore yourself and take a stand against the stereotypes. And then the world would be yours!


Worried About “ETEA” Are We???

Tick tock as the night draws near, the night? …Or the evening? …Perhaps an era to an end? ….the dawn to my life?

Relax, I always tend to be dramatic, some say over sensitive or over emotional. I simply feel everything a little too deeply, whether its love or fear I feel it with my existence. But I think I speak for millions when I’m talking about this.

So Metric and F.Sc were a hectic on its own but the ETEA exam is a sad grey of a million other splashes.. a burden of its own kind. Deciding my future, my career and even my worth?! Am I good enough? With each passing day my heart keeps sinking deeper and deeper. Until I’m seated on that chair and my future looks back at me in the form of… wait… what …mcqs?

I’m not going to scare you, there is no portion of Pak-studies/ Urdu and there are absolutely no subjective type questions. So *yay* but that doesn’t lighten the burden of the immense importance of this test one toe nail. (Tabdeeli quam mei aye na aye, zindagi mei is test k baad ajani hai). Either a victorious king or a peasant locked up in a dungeon.

We studied the last four years, Metric and F.Sc. So we know stuff, the test is based on that stuff. Also all the other students giving the Etea are students just like us.

So listen up ! Pull yourself together cause we are about to go through some guidelines on how to be a king! (Note: not the real kind of king, the one with the crown and a kingdom. Yeah not that).

When to start preparing?

You should start preparing immediately after your fsc examination, before practical’s.


  • The kpk textbooks should be your main focus

But do look into:

— Practice books

— Etea

— Pretest

-Not MCAT, ECAT, SAT and other related books. Those are specifically for other tests.

If you are a potato and have forgotten how to study then

  • Open book (best time is from fajr to zuhr)
  • Read chapter, word by word.
  • Understand chapter, concept by concept.
  • Prove your worth by answering the end questions.
  • Solve mcqs from above mentioned books.

Things to focus on per subject:


  1. Formulas.
  2. Relation of different physical quantities.
  3. Conceptualized end of chapter questions.


  1. Diagrams.
  2. Avoid dates and names of scientists who made discoveries. Its time consuming and you probably won’t remember them at the end.


  1. Active/passive
  2. Direct/indirect
  3. Grammar rules
  4. Vocabulary (there would be around 2–3 Mcqs related to meanings of words so go through words done in your coaching academies or past papers. Don’t read too much into it).

What About Joining A Coaching Academy?

According to a survey held at 2012 by an ETEA topper

in which 58 students participated:

out of the 65% of the students 19% considered their decision of joining academy wrong.( ICA=25%, FCA=6% Alhamra=5%)
Out of the ones who didn’t join any academy only 1% considered this decision of not joining an academy, wrong.

So basically,
-If you are a studious student and had worked hard enough during your F.Sc. you don’t need to join an academy.
-If you are weak in one particular subject, only do tuition for that subject.
-If you are not a very hard working, then i think you should join an academy.

Do take the MM Tests for practice.

The Most Important Question:How Many MCQ’s Should You Attempt?

According to another survey held in 2013 by an ETEA topper

100 students took part. Following is the result of that survey:
Total students=100
13% attempted 190–200 MCQ’s, out of which:
10% scored=690+
38% =600–689
23% =550–599
23% =500–549*
29% attempted 180–189 MCQ’s, out of which:
0% scored=690+
7% =650–689
38% =600–649
48% =550–599
6% =500–549*
25% attempted 170–179 MCQ’s, out of which:
0% scored=690+
16% =650–689
24% =600–649
44% =550–599
12% =500–549*
19% attempted 160–169 MCQ’s,out of which:
0% scored =650+
5% =600–650
68% =550–599
26% =500–549*
10% attempted 150–159 MCQs,out of which:
10% scored =600+
30% =550–599
50% =500–549*
10% =450–500*
5 students attempted 140–149 MCQ’s, and their marks are 516*,528*,509*,550,474*.
So you can see from the above data, that if you want to score high in the test (i-e 550+), you should at least attempt 170 mcq’s.(165–170)
Don’t leave an mcq if you have doubt in it, apply this rule;if you are confused between two options, and are sure that the other two options are wrong, then do attempt the mcq.( there is 50% chance that you will get it right), But if you don’t have any idea about any option, then you can leave it.(there is 75% chance that you will get it wrong in this case)

How To Attempt The Test:
Don’t attempt all the Mcqs in one go.

— Solve the simple straightforward MCQ’s first, (like those of bio and English).

— Then, solve those Mcq’s which require a bit of reasoning.

— Leave the most difficult Mcq’s for the last go. If you get stuck in an Mcq, leave it and come to it in the end.

About filling the blocks:
a- Either fill them at the same time as you solve the Mcq’s

b- or solve the Mcq’s given on one side of a page ( there are usually 10–12 mcq’s on one side) and then fill their blocks.


Seek help from your lord, most merciful.

If Allah wants, you will succeed. So don’t forget to pray to your Rab, the owner of your destiny. All he has to say is ‘kun’ and it will happen. So pray for yourself after each salah.

The plan is to be successful but not alone, we rise only as a nation. We help build each other up and that is the aim of Unidesk.


The ‘IF’ is in the trash and the ‘HOW’ is on the table!

Dear future dreamers,

Unidesk is meant for online and in person ‘face to face’ vocational guiding sessions. We have highly competitive counsellors to solve your education/career related problems.

We have received plenty of queries in the past week via messages, we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts to be reaching out to us. Almost all the queries we received were of dishearten, hopeless Pre Med students. They all had their problems sprouting from one complain ‘the narrow acceptance ratio into medical colleges and the career blockage it was creating’. (Some of you guys even shared how you didn’t even bother to apply because of the field’s high maintenance).

In this post I’ll be giving a general response to them all. (Please sign up for a more detailed analysis of your situation or simply complete the condition below to enter and win the luck draw for free sessions).

Dear students, let’s begin with understanding a simple example suppose someone likes a KFC zinger burger, now how would he know it’s the best burger he can possibly have without trying other burgers? Without even considering other burgers?

Similarly, as difficult as it may seem, if one door closes than its time to explore different burgers.. lol!

What I mean is don’t stress over medical colleges (and their narrow acceptance), don’t take gap years and please don’t consider it to be the end of the world.

Why you ask? I’ll be frank with you, medicine yes, it’s an important field but it is not the alpha profession we believe it to be. Maybe it was back in the 1970’s but Look around, it’s the 21st century.

So close your eyes and ears to what the world is telling you and rationally think about what the future holds significant and what would help you in the long run.

  1. Right now 5 areas which you need to consider are: Artificial Intelligence / Robotics, Energy, Space, CS/internet, Biotech/Synbio (not medicine). These are the areas for the future.
  • Other than academics, Problem Solving / Thinking like a Designer to design solutions and Communication are two skills that every student should learn no matter you attend university or not.
  • Read about great artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors for inspiration/advice. Another mistake most youngsters make is they follow their friends into university’s that won’t benefit you in the long run, you are your own person their skills are not your skills. Also don’t follow their advice, they are just as confused as you.

And to the other incoming query MK, Go to a Design School. Jobs depend on whether you are skilled or not. Learn about Product Design. Attend free MOOCs on User Experience Design and User Interaction. You will have an edge when you will approach employers for jobs.

Conditions to enter lucky draw

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3) Share on your wall or in any group.

Your life does not end at Medical and Engineering!

Mostly students after FSC examination soon step up in the real world without any knowledge of which way to go. And most probably all of them face difficulty choosing his/her carrier ahead. Medical and Engineering are the most preferred professions worldwide. But I believe that the best of professions are the ones that are chosen by will and not imposed by others. See; everyone in this world is born with a different talent or speciality. Hence, a person having interest in textile designing cannot afford to become a mechanical engineer. Similarly a person having aptitude for medical cannot become a poet or a writer. And even if they do, they certainly would not be the best versions of themselves doing so.

There is nothing wrong if one chooses a profession that suits one to the best of one’s abilities and interests. Whatever a person chooses to become, she/he should be able to enjoy his/her work and not feel burdened with it. Life is a onetime blessing so instead of listening to others one should pursue what one believes in and loves. Whether that be becoming a photographer, teacher, designer, motivational speaker, painter, poet or anything else. If a person loves his/her profession, she/he can do wonders in the field.

Mr Rashid Ali Jadoon is one such example of sheer perseverance, who instead of following the gender roles defined by our cultures and society regarding the choice of profession one should make; went against all odds, chose fine arts as his subject, and did wonders. Before the completion of his Bachelors, he was offered jobs and his achievements till date are phenomenal. Now Mr Rashid Ali Jadoon is a well-known Visual Communication Designer from KP. With over seven years of experience in government and other affiliated departments, he has earned a good reputation as a designer in Tourism Corporation KP, as well as other government departments, including CM Secretariat-Media Cell, P&D, Archaeology Dept., Culture, Sports, Youth Affairs and Deputy Commissioner Peshawar South, as a Director Communications on volunteer basis. He has been awarded several awards including, “Youth Recognition Award 2016”, as one of the best Designer and Photographer from KP, “Billion Tsunami Tree-Growth Logo and Slogan” competition winner (Awarded By Imran Khan), and many others. He is currently working with Adam Smith International (DFID) in KP Education sector as a Design Consultant.              

Hence, concluded that one should explore the world with one’s own eyes instead of asking for other people’s lens. We live in a society which has its own set standards but today’s youth is a free thinker and its approach towards life is rather rational and logical than isolated or narrow. Hence we all need to break the shackles and set examples for the world and people out there. People around you will discourage you in the start but believe you me, once you touch the sky they would be the first ones to cheer for you!


Welcome To Unidesk

Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry besides all odds. This opened a door to a world of memes trashing desi aunties for having unreasonable standards.

We can’t really blame anyone for it, now can we? She’s an actress, she’s a woman of color, and she’s a divorcee and 3 years older too?! Its okay Meghan we are with you! And we feel you too. The ex actress and current Duchess gave hope to millions on never giving up. And that’s exactly what Unidesk wants to instill in Peshawar, through good education and jobs and of course, don’t forget, the much needed counseling. Unidesk is a platform to bring vocational guidance and career counselling out of the dark and into the open.

Career counseling is not just people sitting around to tell you which college to apply to. It’s an in depth process carried out by professionals.

What to expect?

Vocational guidance requires personality testing, anxiety tests, intelligence test, academic records and even assessment of social factors.

— (Now you might be wondering why I separated intelligence tests from academic records, if you know one it should be fairly easy to assess the other right? Wrong.

Intelligence and academic records are entirely different. Intelligence is related to creativity and problem solving skills. If you are going into social sciences you need intelligence more than your academic grade. A student could be intelligent whilst not carrying the perfect A grade or vice versa. It is the counselors’ job to accurately make these assessments.

On the other hand, some individuals lack interest while having potential. They can be counselled to develop interest. All these factors are assessed in the testing phase of the procedure.)

What comes next?

So you’ve figured out where you stand, your psychological assessments have been made, your IQ has been soughed and your academic record is on the table. Your potentials and interest have been discussed. Now, According to your personality and caliber, fields will be suggested to you. There would be one primary subject and a few alternative subjects you could pursue.

Your career options alongside their applicability will be provided to you.

How long will it take?

This procedure will be divided into few main sessions with our counsellors.

Which could be :


One on one sessions or

Written through blog/videos

Will there be Extra sessions?

Unidesk also intends on providing counselling for any underlying issues that may have been observed during the sessions. For example, leadership skills, stage fright, learning, time secheduling ,anxiety and memory. All these secondary underlying issues could also be counselled to help better equip you for your future.

So so ??

Are you facing difficulty deciding your field and university? is it because you are a teenager and not ready for a decision that could affect your entire life? well .. welcome to the club of billions .. but worry not, we got your back. . I’m sorry we weren’t there to help your elder siblings from rescuing their gap year but we are here for you.

Here is how we offer assistance to your needs.

With our career counselors and vocational guidance services you would be a happy man in no time! (well actually in just few(three) sessions whoa!!)


Durshal Peshawar inside PTCL trainning center Peshawar Pakistan

The plan is to be successful but not alone, we rise only as a nation. We help build each other up and that is the aim of Unidesk.