The ‘IF’ is in the trash and the ‘HOW’ is on the table!

Dear future dreamers,

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We have received plenty of queries in the past week via messages, we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts to be reaching out to us. Almost all the queries we received were of dishearten, hopeless Pre Med students. They all had their problems sprouting from one complain ‘the narrow acceptance ratio into medical colleges and the career blockage it was creating’. (Some of you guys even shared how you didn’t even bother to apply because of the field’s high maintenance).

In this post I’ll be giving a general response to them all. (Please sign up for a more detailed analysis of your situation or simply complete the condition below to enter and win the luck draw for free sessions).

Dear students, let’s begin with understanding a simple example suppose someone likes a KFC zinger burger, now how would he know it’s the best burger he can possibly have without trying other burgers? Without even considering other burgers?

Similarly, as difficult as it may seem, if one door closes than its time to explore different burgers.. lol!

What I mean is don’t stress over medical colleges (and their narrow acceptance), don’t take gap years and please don’t consider it to be the end of the world.

Why you ask? I’ll be frank with you, medicine yes, it’s an important field but it is not the alpha profession we believe it to be. Maybe it was back in the 1970’s but Look around, it’s the 21st century.

So close your eyes and ears to what the world is telling you and rationally think about what the future holds significant and what would help you in the long run.

  1. Right now 5 areas which you need to consider are: Artificial Intelligence / Robotics, Energy, Space, CS/internet, Biotech/Synbio (not medicine). These are the areas for the future.
  • Other than academics, Problem Solving / Thinking like a Designer to design solutions and Communication are two skills that every student should learn no matter you attend university or not.
  • Read about great artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors for inspiration/advice. Another mistake most youngsters make is they follow their friends into university’s that won’t benefit you in the long run, you are your own person their skills are not your skills. Also don’t follow their advice, they are just as confused as you.

And to the other incoming query MK, Go to a Design School. Jobs depend on whether you are skilled or not. Learn about Product Design. Attend free MOOCs on User Experience Design and User Interaction. You will have an edge when you will approach employers for jobs.

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