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Meghan Markle got married to Prince Harry besides all odds. This opened a door to a world of memes trashing desi aunties for having unreasonable standards.

We can’t really blame anyone for it, now can we? She’s an actress, she’s a woman of color, and she’s a divorcee and 3 years older too?! Its okay Meghan we are with you! And we feel you too. The ex actress and current Duchess gave hope to millions on never giving up. And that’s exactly what Unidesk wants to instill in Peshawar, through good education and jobs and of course, don’t forget, the much needed counseling. Unidesk is a platform to bring vocational guidance and career counselling out of the dark and into the open.

Career counseling is not just people sitting around to tell you which college to apply to. It’s an in depth process carried out by professionals.

What to expect?

Vocational guidance requires personality testing, anxiety tests, intelligence test, academic records and even assessment of social factors.

— (Now you might be wondering why I separated intelligence tests from academic records, if you know one it should be fairly easy to assess the other right? Wrong.

Intelligence and academic records are entirely different. Intelligence is related to creativity and problem solving skills. If you are going into social sciences you need intelligence more than your academic grade. A student could be intelligent whilst not carrying the perfect A grade or vice versa. It is the counselors’ job to accurately make these assessments.

On the other hand, some individuals lack interest while having potential. They can be counselled to develop interest. All these factors are assessed in the testing phase of the procedure.)

What comes next?

So you’ve figured out where you stand, your psychological assessments have been made, your IQ has been soughed and your academic record is on the table. Your potentials and interest have been discussed. Now, According to your personality and caliber, fields will be suggested to you. There would be one primary subject and a few alternative subjects you could pursue.

Your career options alongside their applicability will be provided to you.

How long will it take?

This procedure will be divided into few main sessions with our counsellors.

Which could be :


One on one sessions or

Written through blog/videos

Will there be Extra sessions?

Unidesk also intends on providing counselling for any underlying issues that may have been observed during the sessions. For example, leadership skills, stage fright, learning, time secheduling ,anxiety and memory. All these secondary underlying issues could also be counselled to help better equip you for your future.

So so ??

Are you facing difficulty deciding your field and university? is it because you are a teenager and not ready for a decision that could affect your entire life? well .. welcome to the club of billions .. but worry not, we got your back. . I’m sorry we weren’t there to help your elder siblings from rescuing their gap year but we are here for you.

Here is how we offer assistance to your needs.

With our career counselors and vocational guidance services you would be a happy man in no time! (well actually in just few(three) sessions whoa!!)


Durshal Peshawar inside PTCL trainning center Peshawar Pakistan

The plan is to be successful but not alone, we rise only as a nation. We help build each other up and that is the aim of Unidesk.

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