Your life does not end at Medical and Engineering!

Mostly students after FSC examination soon step up in the real world without any knowledge of which way to go. And most probably all of them face difficulty choosing his/her carrier ahead. Medical and Engineering are the most preferred professions worldwide. But I believe that the best of professions are the ones that are chosen by will and not imposed by others. See; everyone in this world is born with a different talent or speciality. Hence, a person having interest in textile designing cannot afford to become a mechanical engineer. Similarly a person having aptitude for medical cannot become a poet or a writer. And even if they do, they certainly would not be the best versions of themselves doing so.

There is nothing wrong if one chooses a profession that suits one to the best of one’s abilities and interests. Whatever a person chooses to become, she/he should be able to enjoy his/her work and not feel burdened with it. Life is a onetime blessing so instead of listening to others one should pursue what one believes in and loves. Whether that be becoming a photographer, teacher, designer, motivational speaker, painter, poet or anything else. If a person loves his/her profession, she/he can do wonders in the field.

Mr Rashid Ali Jadoon is one such example of sheer perseverance, who instead of following the gender roles defined by our cultures and society regarding the choice of profession one should make; went against all odds, chose fine arts as his subject, and did wonders. Before the completion of his Bachelors, he was offered jobs and his achievements till date are phenomenal. Now Mr Rashid Ali Jadoon is a well-known Visual Communication Designer from KP. With over seven years of experience in government and other affiliated departments, he has earned a good reputation as a designer in Tourism Corporation KP, as well as other government departments, including CM Secretariat-Media Cell, P&D, Archaeology Dept., Culture, Sports, Youth Affairs and Deputy Commissioner Peshawar South, as a Director Communications on volunteer basis. He has been awarded several awards including, “Youth Recognition Award 2016”, as one of the best Designer and Photographer from KP, “Billion Tsunami Tree-Growth Logo and Slogan” competition winner (Awarded By Imran Khan), and many others. He is currently working with Adam Smith International (DFID) in KP Education sector as a Design Consultant.              

Hence, concluded that one should explore the world with one’s own eyes instead of asking for other people’s lens. We live in a society which has its own set standards but today’s youth is a free thinker and its approach towards life is rather rational and logical than isolated or narrow. Hence we all need to break the shackles and set examples for the world and people out there. People around you will discourage you in the start but believe you me, once you touch the sky they would be the first ones to cheer for you!

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